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Science: What is article Backlinks?

Article outbound links are links inserted into an article so that the link points to a page on another website. These links are known as external links or outbound links because they direct users from the current website to other websites. Outbound links are also known as backlinks or back to back links because they are links from other websites pointing to your website.

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), outbound links are an important concept that can have an impact on a website’s ranking and visibility. Here’s what outbound links do for SEO:

Increase website authority and credibility: when other high-quality, relevant websites link to your website, search engines consider your website as a valuable and credible resource, therefore increasing the authority of your website.
Increase Page Rank: Search engines use outbound links to assess the importance and popularity of web pages. Having more high-quality outbound links usually improves a page’s ranking in search results.
Drive traffic: Outbound links can bring more visitors to your website. When visitors from other websites click on the outbound links, they will be directed to your website, thus increasing the traffic to your website.
Increase the indexing speed of your web pages: when other websites link to your web pages, search engines will find and index your web pages faster, thus making them appear in the search results faster.