Google Backlink Package

Blog Backlinks

Package I: 200 blog backlinks ($60)Package II: 300 blog backlinks ($90) Package III: 500 blog backlinks ($150)

Package IV: 600 blog backlinks ($180) Package V: 800 blog backlinks ($240) Package VI: 1000 blog backlinks($300)

Article Backlinks

Package I: 200 Article backlinks ($50)Package II: 300 Article backlinks ($75) Package III: 500 Article backlinks ($125)

Package IV: 600 Article backlinks ($150) Package V: 800 Article backlinks ($200) Package VI: 1000 Article backlinks($250)

profile Backlinks

Package I: 200 profile backlinks ($45)Package II: 300 profile backlinks ($67) Package III: 500 profile backlinks ($112)

Package IV: 600 profile backlinks($135) Package V: 800 profile backlinks ($180) Package VI: 1000 profile backlinks($225)

Note: You need to provide the following content: ① the URL you want to link; ② three to five keywords (keyword text type supports all national languages) 【article content we will choose according to your industry and its industry-related content (all default English articles) to create and publish, each backlinks corresponds to an article, for example: 100 blog backlinks links or article backlinks, corresponding to 100 different articles. This is more conducive to search engine inclusion. 】【We will send you a report (excel or txt document format) after the construction of the backlinks is completed. The work completion time is basically 24~48 hours, we will send the report for you within 24 hours or 48 hours.】