Quality Google Backlink Package

Quality Article Backlinks

Package I: 1000 Article backlinks ($35)Package II: 2000 Article backlinks ($55) Package III: 3000 Article backlinks ($65)

Quality profile Backlinks

Package I: 1000 profile backlinks ($30)Package II: 2000 profile backlinks ($45) Package III: 3000 profile backlinks ($60)

Note: You need to provide the following content: ① the URL you want to link; ② three to five keywords (keyword text type supports all national languages) 【article content we will choose according to your industry and its industry-related content (all default English articles) to create and publish, each backlinks corresponds to an article, for example: 100 article backlinks, corresponding to 100 different articles. This is more conducive to search engine inclusion. 】【We will send you a report (excel or txt document format) after the construction of the backlinks is completed. The work completion time is basically 24~48 hours, we will send the report for you within 24 hours or 48 hours.】

External link tip: A website to have a good ranking, then inevitably can not be separated from the high quality and extensive external links. Every time you get a website’s external link, it is equivalent to getting a vote. If you get a high weight website’s external link, you get an important vote, if you get a general weight website’s external link, then you get an ordinary vote, the composition of the website’s external link should be diverse, such as external links from different types of websites like article/Profile, etc. We external links Emphasis on relevance, but also to both a wide range of types, so that the composition of external links more natural. The keyword ranking of the website is not something that happens overnight, ranking needs a process, this process can be long or short. And affect the website ranking is not only the external link factor, external link factor is only one of the Google ranking factors, such as server responsiveness, website architecture, website content, etc. will affect the website ranking, external link construction is a key factor affecting the ranking, but not all factors, this must be clear. There are too many backlinks services on the market with varying quality, so you need to weigh more before making a decision when choosing an backlinks service provider.